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Who we are:

 - Experts in the field of product development and sales of home textiles focusing bath rugs and mats.           Experts..

 - We represent both well-known producers as well as the largest retail chains worldwide.     References..

What we want:

 - Long-term relationship with other innovative, high-quality and reliable manufacturers who are looking for an access to large retail chains.     Synergies..

 - We want to get further Long-term relationships with other retail chains that are looking for a strategic cooperation and our production experience for new and innovative products and services.        Innovations..

What we can do for you:

- Benefit from our worldwide distribution and sales channels.          Distribution..

 - Take advantage of our long experience and our worldwide contacts for your sourcing.       Products..

How do we get in touch:

 - We are interested in a long-term partnership based on trust and value to cooperation for both sides is a win.

 - That's why we take our time to learn each where synergies are in a collaboration and how we can develop potentials.           Contact..